In response to interest expressed by our shareholders, we are currently exploring the topic of opening enrollment to descendants of original Gana-A'Yoo shareholders.
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Our Shareholder Newsletter

Denadolale, or "Our Voice," is a quarterly publication that highlights the accomplishments and achievements of our shareholders, be they in one of the villages or around the globe. Feel free to download available PDF copies and keep up with the latest news on the Gana-A'Yoo Family!

Special Newsletter Summer 2022

Denadolale' Summer 2022

Special Newsletter on Enrollment 6th edition April 2021

Denadolale' Spring 2022

Denadolale' Winter 2021

Denadolale' Fall 2021

Denadolale' Summer 2021

Special Newsletter on Enrollment 5th edition June 2021

Denadolale' Spring 2021

Special Newsletter on Enrollment 4th edition January 2021

Denadolale' Winter 2020

Denadolale' Fall 2020

Denadolale' Summer 2020

Denadolale' Spring 2020

Denadolale' Winter 2019

Denadolale' Fall 2019

Denadolale' Summer 2019

Denadolale' Spring 2019

Denadolale' Winter 2018

Denadolale' Fall 2018

Special Newsletter on Enrollment 3rd Edition June 2018

Denadolale' Summer 2018

Special Newsletter on Enrollment 2nd Edition March 2018

Denadolale' Spring 2018

Special Newsletter on Enrollment 1st Edition February 2018

Denadolale' December 2017

Denadolale' September 2017








Denadolale' September 2015.pdf

Denadolale' July 2015.pdf

Denadolale' April 2015.pdf

Denadolale' December 2014.pdf

Denadolale' May 2014.pdf

Denadolale' January 2014.pdf

Denadolale' September 2013.pdf

Denadolale' May 2013.pdf

Denadolale' December 2012.pdf

Denadolale' September 2012.pdf